Tuesday, June 3, 2008


These sodas are my newest obsession. They are made by a company called Dry, and that is their perfect description. The one above is Lemongrass, and it is what I am drinking right now with my lemon capellini with basil and roma tomatoes. It's the perfect summer lunch. I am going to have some Frog Hollow apricots with mascarpone that I whipped with a bit of sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice afterwards. It's going to be delicious. The soda is the perfect accompaniment to all, not too sweet, which is how I like my soda. I imagine it would be really delicious with gin, something I haven't had in a long time, but I'm getting a hankering

Now, I love the Lemongrass, but the Lavender soda is my absolute favorite, and it definitely would be fabulous with gin. The Dry website also suggests pairing it with vanilla vodka, which sounds just heavenly, something which I may have to have this very evening! I might have to make my vanilla brined pork tenderloin, and soon! Dry soda also comes in Kumquat and Rhubarb flavors, each quite delectable.


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