Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ha ha! This is great. My husbands mustache really resembles the one on the top right. His is 100% more sexy though. You've Got A Mighty Boosh looks like an awesome book!

More Mighty Boosh styles. Some of these looks could have been inspirations for the actors on Swingtown! The guy on the top right, just above sort of resembles Harry Reams, the Deep Throat actor in legal trouble who had the hots for prudish Janice!

Image from FFFFound

Cra-zeee for De La

What has De La Soul been up to? Get the scoop right here! I am cra-zeee for the 3 Feet Hi and Risin style deck that they have behind their heads, I might kill for one. And Girrl, I want a pair of those sneaks! I love De La. They're the blog's namesakes, if you didn't know.

"De La Soul"

Shine A Light

It has been spectacularly hot the last few days. You know it's so when San Francisco sees fully sunny skies and the thermometer reaches 70 before 9 am. On days like these I wonder if the tourists know how truly lucky they are, especially when walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Even on a fairly warm day in the city, the bridge can be swathed in cold fog, necessitating very warm clothes. Most tourists don't know this, and I have seen many a shivering soul walking across it. If you ever plan a trip out to the Bay Area, late August, September and early October often are our best weather times, warm to hot, less fog, and plenty of opportunities to see our attractions in their best light.

This picture reminded me of the kind of bugs that flit about on warm nights. It makes me miss the humid, hot nights that I experienced when I lived in New York and during my visits to Chicago. There are no fireflies to delight in on the west coast. It's a true Midwest and East coast experience, and what a thrilling one for someone who has never had the pleasure of watching those glorious bugs do their dance.

P.s I'm still looking for a FFFFound invitation, and as promised I will make a package of goodies for whomever is so kindhearted!

Image from FFFFound

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm a Fashionaire

Look at my "new" luggage! It was my mother-in-law's, and she gave it to me for my birthday! It's definitely one of the coolest things ever! There is actually a third bag, a carry on toiletry bag that I got too! It sort of resembles a bowling bag. It's cool because it is lined with the orange fabric and then again with clear vinyl so that it is spill-proof inside. Very cool! Apparently MIL has another one stashed away , and that one even has a snap-in make-up bag in it! How stoked am I? She even had the keys for the luggage!

Here's a close-up of the incredible pattern. Samsonite debuted this pattern in 1968. My MIL thinks she bought her set in 1975. It has been all over the world. Last year Samsonite re-released the Fashionaire line as a limited edition in this exact pattern, under their exclusive Black label. It has been updated with modern touches like in-line wheels and extending handles. I'm sure the luggage is much lighter too. This stuff is hernia inducing when filled! I'm planning on using them as design pieces in my home.

Don't you love the bright orange liner?

Orange, with polka dots, so perfect!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Target hits a cosmetics trifecta!

While at Target last night I was really happy to see that they are carrying a new line of makeup from model Jemma Kidd called JK Jemma Kidd. It was hard to miss in it's vibrant , bright pink packaging. There aren't any images on their website as of yet. Prices start at $14 for eyeliner, and go up to $36 for eyeshadow compacts. Kidd has a well established cosmetics line in the UK.

A while back I posted about Sephora marking down all of their Napoleon Perdis makeup for what I correctly assumed was final sale. Well, it seems that their reason for doing so is that Perdis signed a contract to create a line for Target, as well as having some freestanding concept stores.

Last in the lineup will be Pixi products from Petra Strand. This is the one brand that I have yet to try. The prices will range from $12-39. With the advent of cosmetic superstores such as Sephora and Ulta, high end cosmetics have become more accessible, and more and more people are trying products that they previously would have simply read about in magazines. I think that Target is making a smart move by working with companies like this, they build a stronger client base. I know that as of late I have done more shopping there than ever before. I have bought a whole fall wardrobe there, and if I didn't have to go to a separate store for nice cosmetics, I'd be thrilled.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leotards and tennis shorts (NSFW). Nice fro x2

John C. Reilly kills as Dr.Steve Brule. Nice fro.

"Brule's Rules"

Check out the awesome 80's style video effects, and even better, the costuming. My first thought was that I was seeing a sparkly leotard, but perhaps it's a unitard. Either way, it's awesomely unsettling. And yet again, nice fro.

"Chubbs For You"

Here are the lyrics to Chubbs for You

Manly Bike For Sale

My husband rides a motorcycle and he got into some troubs with a representative from CHiPs last night for not keeping his registration current, bad boy! I'm thinking that he should maybe he should cool his jets for a bitty bit and try this ride instead!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pop'n Fresh

I made popovers last night because they're divine and I had all the ingredients.(There are only five: eggs,milk,flour,salt and butter.) The recipe was for 6 popovers, but somehow there was enough batter for 7. I live in a two person household. One lovely lady ate four, and a certain gentleman had to be satisfied with three. What a sucker! While eating them (along with some mini ravioli, I admit, it was a decadently dairy meal), we guffawed while watching a hilarious episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Have you watched? It's wickedly funny, superbly weird, and wrong in all the right ways. I can't believe I just recently discovered it. You can stream episodes online at Adult Swim, so you should do it, but not at work, unless your work is really ultra cool.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Favela Faces

I was drawn in by the sober look on this young man's face.

This photo is made more dramatic by the fact that you only see part of the young face that she reveals above the vivid colors of her painting. I'd love a print of this.

Flickr user carf catches the innocence of the children of Rio de Janiero's favelas in amazing ways.

Can you believe the color of those eyes? I guess that's what they mean when they talk of "limpid pools". Such a stunning color of blue, it's almost unreal.

What a gorgeous smile.

The reflection in this child's eyes is fascinating.

Images from Flickr

Walk On

I love these tiles. They adorn a storefront but since they are below knee-level I wonder how many people actually even notice them.

Pardon the poor photography skills, my hands were shaking, and I didn't have a tripod. More gorgeous detailing.

Cool old neon signs. These are for the Spot Liquor Store and Bar. Interesting clientele, but delicious hot dogs, or Spot Dogs, if you will. They have a reputation. Point Richmond is home to the Chevron Refinery and it's multitudes of employees so it's food establishments do quite a lot of breakfast and lunch business. There is also a major trainyard that sees a lot of 24 hour action right next to the Spot, so it gets a lot of business during all hours of operation.

I love the look of these old signs with the rust stains, but original look still mostly intact.

I just liked the looks of this forlorn chair and ottoman in the late afternoon sun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walkin' Around

I took a walk around town last evening. My initial reason was to take a photo of this truck. I love it's colors and the simplicity of the logo. It's always parked right in the same spot.

The Hotel Mac has been open for ages. Since 1911 in fact. It is listed in the National Registry of Historic places. They happen to have a wonderful bar, and I can recommend the steak. I am often tempted by the delicious aromas that waft from their kitchen when my sliding glass doors are open. They are about a minutes walk away. This is what I love about living in Pt.Richmond, a small community with a picturesque downtown and the kind of neighborly feel that goes with it. (Sometimes you forget that we really are a part of crimeridden Richmond, CA, it really can seem worlds away)

One of the last of the roses growing in the town park. This beauty was amazingly fragrant. The rose bushes have been growing for 20+ years.

I love this Lilliputian building. The plaque below gives you the story behind it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's All In The Bag

Hello darling! I bought this lil' Botkier for Target clutch for myself on my birthday. At $19.99 it was a deal I couldn't pass up. It has a little phone pouch and a zippered pocket inside too, so I can stay marginally organized.

This baby is the same unbeatable price, but more of an everyday tote. You can't tell from the picture, but it is much larger than the clutch. I could fit two loaves of bread in it, easily. It cinches at the top, but also has a magnetic clasp for extra security. Phone pocket, and a zippered one too, but other than that, it's bottomless, so I'll need to use a make-up bag and try to keep it simple. I love it. It comes in two other patterns as well, but this one was my fave.

Oh, BTW, was totally excited to read over at Richie Design today that Alexander McQueen is in talks with Target. Could he be a possible successor to Mizrahi? How fantabulous would that be?

More Matthew Palladino

Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World w/ Cornrows (Large Heads) 2008

This may look like the same image as the last Palladino post, but look closely, they are different!

So, I'm a little slow on the uptake, and I missed the Matthew Palladino interview on until now. Durrr. Well, it's rilly great, I love getting insight into the process behind the creativity. Especially relevant are the details regarding the process he went through while working on the two pieces "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World" Check it out, ASAP! I also found a link to his own website, Dumbster SF where there are many things to delight the eye.

Image from Dumbster SF

Happy To See Me?

This wondrous photo comes from Danish photographer Kaare Viemose. It was taken in the Indian holy city of Pushkar, in the state of Rhajastan, which is very popular with pilgrims. I wish I knew the significance of the bananas.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bond Girls

A wonderful set of vintage James Bond novel covers. They would make superb posters. My favorite is the last one, I have a penchant for the Polynesian flair.

Images from FFFFOUND!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Goodbye Children!

Shut yo Mouth! The legendary Isaac Hayes died this afternoon. Hayes would have been 66 on August 20th. He was found by a family member next to his treadmill, unresponsive, and died an hour later. He was one of music's true greats, and also made memorable contributions to Southpark as the lovable character Chef.

The "Theme from Shaft" won an Oscar for Best Original Song (the first Oscar won by an African American in a non- acting category) the song and score later winning two Grammys.

"Theme from Shaft"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've Got My Own Soundtrack

"I've got my own soundtrack" proclaims this little print.

"The Enlightened Fireflies" might look lovely in a bedroom, or over a fireplace.

One guess where this one goes. John W. Golden has a whole series of "rules" prints that are wonderful. Visit his delightful Etsy shop for many more delights, I found his Robot series especially wonderful.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Small Heads), 2008

This image, from artist Matthew Palladino, kills me with it's gorgeousness.

Image from Mudd Guts