Thursday, August 14, 2008

Walk On

I love these tiles. They adorn a storefront but since they are below knee-level I wonder how many people actually even notice them.

Pardon the poor photography skills, my hands were shaking, and I didn't have a tripod. More gorgeous detailing.

Cool old neon signs. These are for the Spot Liquor Store and Bar. Interesting clientele, but delicious hot dogs, or Spot Dogs, if you will. They have a reputation. Point Richmond is home to the Chevron Refinery and it's multitudes of employees so it's food establishments do quite a lot of breakfast and lunch business. There is also a major trainyard that sees a lot of 24 hour action right next to the Spot, so it gets a lot of business during all hours of operation.

I love the look of these old signs with the rust stains, but original look still mostly intact.

I just liked the looks of this forlorn chair and ottoman in the late afternoon sun.


Courtney said...

WOW!!! Lovely photos.

please sir said...

So neat - love the last photo!