Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walkin' Around

I took a walk around town last evening. My initial reason was to take a photo of this truck. I love it's colors and the simplicity of the logo. It's always parked right in the same spot.

The Hotel Mac has been open for ages. Since 1911 in fact. It is listed in the National Registry of Historic places. They happen to have a wonderful bar, and I can recommend the steak. I am often tempted by the delicious aromas that waft from their kitchen when my sliding glass doors are open. They are about a minutes walk away. This is what I love about living in Pt.Richmond, a small community with a picturesque downtown and the kind of neighborly feel that goes with it. (Sometimes you forget that we really are a part of crimeridden Richmond, CA, it really can seem worlds away)

One of the last of the roses growing in the town park. This beauty was amazingly fragrant. The rose bushes have been growing for 20+ years.

I love this Lilliputian building. The plaque below gives you the story behind it.


mary said...

These are all great shots. I love how you specifically went to get the one of the truck - that's something I would do!

please sir said...

Such a fun walk! I love the truck too.

Megan said...

A couple more shots to come!