Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shine A Light

It has been spectacularly hot the last few days. You know it's so when San Francisco sees fully sunny skies and the thermometer reaches 70 before 9 am. On days like these I wonder if the tourists know how truly lucky they are, especially when walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Even on a fairly warm day in the city, the bridge can be swathed in cold fog, necessitating very warm clothes. Most tourists don't know this, and I have seen many a shivering soul walking across it. If you ever plan a trip out to the Bay Area, late August, September and early October often are our best weather times, warm to hot, less fog, and plenty of opportunities to see our attractions in their best light.

This picture reminded me of the kind of bugs that flit about on warm nights. It makes me miss the humid, hot nights that I experienced when I lived in New York and during my visits to Chicago. There are no fireflies to delight in on the west coast. It's a true Midwest and East coast experience, and what a thrilling one for someone who has never had the pleasure of watching those glorious bugs do their dance.

P.s I'm still looking for a FFFFound invitation, and as promised I will make a package of goodies for whomever is so kindhearted!

Image from FFFFound


karey m. said...

seriously...i have been dreaming of fireflies since i came back to jordan.

it is a summer-slash-childhood memory i love to revisit. beauty art, you. xoxo.

Gabe said...

Hey, I don't have a ffffound invite for ya, but check out (similar to ffffound but not invite only). Just a small web project I started in my free time.