Sunday, August 10, 2008

Goodbye Children!

Shut yo Mouth! The legendary Isaac Hayes died this afternoon. Hayes would have been 66 on August 20th. He was found by a family member next to his treadmill, unresponsive, and died an hour later. He was one of music's true greats, and also made memorable contributions to Southpark as the lovable character Chef.

The "Theme from Shaft" won an Oscar for Best Original Song (the first Oscar won by an African American in a non- acting category) the song and score later winning two Grammys.

"Theme from Shaft"


mary said...

I was so shocked to hear this! Goodbye, Chef!

Courtney said...

OH NO! I hadn't heard this....very very sad. This is my husband's (you're familiar with Alvin) number one favorite song.