Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Put your dogs up

I scored these cute wedges yesterday at Marshalls for a cool $19! Schweet. My dogs rebel against me and shoes in general. Especially cute shoes. They don't like to be corralled, they'd much prefer to exist their entire lives in the wide open expanse of comfy, yet hideous flip-flops. I don't happen to have dainty feet. My husband told me he was going to bind them the other day, and my snort of derision was warthog-like. On a good day, they are a size 10, but I'm not kidding myself, they verge upon 11. My friend Sally and I were at Nordstrom once, trying on shoes, and she was snapping on me, telling me my feet were the size of Kleenex boxes. The shoe salesman just looked at me with pity.
I prefer closed toe shoes, for the most part, aside from my ubiquitous flip flops. I never get pedicures, and when you have big feet like me, there's a chance you have big toes. These shoes are the perfect solution to each of my requirements: I can wear them for a reasonably long period of time, they dress up and down, CHEAP!, cute, comfy. I only wish Marshalls had the yellow/grey ones. I obvs got the black.

Top: Matchstick Wedge orig $49.99 now $24.95 Wedges
Bottom: Sailloft Wedge $49 @ Wedges

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Gin said...

So cute, I want to eat them!