Monday, June 9, 2008


Karey M. is the author of mackin ink , a blog so good I always run, quick, see what she wrote today. Karey keeps me in thrall with her consistently fascinating world view, and her lyrical turn of phrase. She is raising three lovely young ladies to be wonderfully sensitive, fabulously interesting and superbly unique individuals.

Did I mention that she's doing this all overseas, in the Middle East? She's been feeling a bit homesick lately, and instead of moping about, like I would, she wrote an amazing paean to her adopted home, Jordan, and all the reasons why she finds it such an wondrous place to live. Go drink it in, and then I dare you to not want to visit.

a love letter


karey m. said...

aww! and here i came over to see if you liked my ben seaver comment below!

a lovely surprise, for sure. and i bet a hundred bucks you wouldn't'd find a song to express your emotions and your preface to it would evoke incredibly moving memories for all your readers.

{mine pretty much all revolve around tv shows from the late eighties. but it's a start.}

i'm bad with compliments and saying thank you...but thank you. really. this was kind.

megan said...

You're welcome! You always brighten my day, I just love reading about you, the girlies and uncle sugar, and I couldn't resist. It was really just so perfect . And Ben Seaver? I love that you love him, too fun!