Monday, June 16, 2008

Platters of the purest gold

"I dreamt about me maybe throwing a party.
And just how great that would be."

Certain terms and phrases really bother me. I hate it when women refer to their spouse as "my hubby". I also very much dislike "preggers" and "prego". Quit being lazy and say the whole damn word! In any case, apparently Gene Ween is no fan of the phrase "the wife and I...", except for the fact that he uses it in this song to hilarious effect. Imagine yourself in a middle-aged party freak-zone. I never tire of this one.

"Your Party"


SGM said...

Gene Ween is a FANTASTIC name.

Jason said...

sgm, if you like Gene Ween, you'll love Dean Ween.

This is probably the best song on the new album.