Thursday, June 26, 2008

Orange you glad to meet me?

This orange beauty visited me and Brian in the garden in Grass Valley. Lee, my mother in law (I'm lucky, I have two), has an amazing garden, and this little guy was a fan of her landscape. He would politely pose atop this finial for Brian, fly off for a moment, and then return for a couple more close-ups. He's ready for America's Next Top Insect Model.

The camera really loves that color he's wearing, don't you think?

(click on the photos for an even better view)


karey m. said...

that pic, at first? oh. a bug. but when you look at it? really look at it?

it's amazing. right?

Megan said...

I was so thrilled that the pictures turned out, because it was such an amazing sight. I couldn't believe that it kept coming back, and sitting there so nicely for the pictures. it was such a thrill! My heart was in my throat.

SGM said...

That is REAL?! I though the was a little garden ornament.