Monday, June 2, 2008

Divine Hammer

My friends Bill and Dan* went away this past weekend leaving their two children Autumn(6) and Blake (3) in my care. They hadn't ever been away from their kids, except for leaving Autumn with her aunt when Blake was born. Both kids were perfect all weekend, and I have to give it to Bill and Dan, all signs point to the fact that they are doing a fantastic job as parents.  The kids always go right to bed without a fuss, and sleep all through the night. They are sweet, kind and happy.  Each time I picked them up from school they RAN to me, calling out "MEGAN!" excitedly as if I were Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy, when I  actually resemble a Wicked Step-mother much more closely.  I am a stickler for rules and regulations, and kind of rule with an iron-fist, as far as kids are concerned.  I'd rather be thought of as strict, and surprise them with "lenience", then be someone who lets everything slide and try to shore up shaky foundations later. But, I have to say, Autumn and Blake barely require any intervention during their play, they are really suitable playmates. Their problems were few, limited to Blake grabbing a few things from his older sibling.  He spent one evening using a hanger from a Madeline doll playset as a hammer.  I thought this song was a fitting tribute.

*Names changed to protect the innocent

"Bag Of Hammers"


karey m. said...

i'm imagining the three year old being...manageable?

wow. esme's almost three. and she's...she's. not.

their parents must own some magic.

megan said...

Crazy, huh? Yeah, he's pretty darn good, and only crazy making some of the time, i was completely amazed. But, maybe it has to do with the fact that i have cared for them ever since the little one was 1 week old? That we have a history, and that's why things went so smoothly? But I don't think so, I'm putting it down to the parenting. Also, Dan is a Zen monk, maybe that has a tiny bit of influence, ya think?