Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two Step

I took dance lessons all throughout my childhood and into my adolescence, and I hated it. In ballet I especially dreaded "combinations", when you would have to put a string of different dance steps together, you know, to form a dance. My mind was elsewhere, like how to get out of the damn classes. I did have one specialty though, and that was doing leaps. I was a graceful gazelle. I was so good at them in fact, that I asked my ballet teacher Virginia if she could have the audience clap after each person did their leap across the stage because I was that confident that my tremendo leaps would bring the house down. I would've too, but in laughter.

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork from Chromeo1 on Vimeo.


Gin said...

Totally hypnotizing.

megan said...

I know! it's one of my new faves, this, and the Mae Shi one below.