Monday, July 7, 2008

Not illustrative devices

Flick the Groom off Your Cake Topper and Turn Up the Cyndi Lauper, 2007 gouache on paper

Geoffrey Todd Smith is one of Chicago's hottest artists going right now. I love the detail of his work, it looks like embroidery. You ought to click on the picture to get all of the detail, because it's intense.

Some excerpts from his interview:

The titles of your work are peculiar, where are they coming from?

I try to choose titles that create a mood and capture the rhythm of the image. They are often humorous and they frequently use tongue twisters to re-enforce the optical challenges of the images. They are not intended as illustrative devices. I would compare it to the relationship of titles to instrumental music.

What kinds of things are you attracted to? What's inspiring to you? or has immensely inspired you throughout the years?

Wet stones, snow falling in front of pine trees, ominous weather, looking through tree branches without the leaves, negative space, the evocative potential of simple perspective, artificial symbols for naturally occurring phenomena (fire, lightning, water, etc.), cold temperatures, annoying sounds, repetition of form, unusual color combinations, order/disorder, puzzles, old videogames, sticker collections…


karey m. said...

i've got to come back. for some reason, i can't get past fecal face this morning.

i'm such a child. what is wrong with me.

give me a few hours. xoxo.

Megan said...

I know, the name can be off-putting, but FecalFace is really effing great, it's all about art, there is so much cool stuff on their website. I've decided that I need to be more up to date, nad that I also must purchase more art, it's something that I feel happy about when i do. In order to do so, i need to be clued in on what's happening, and FF has all the info about the local shows, it's really cool. It has an event calendar, and anyone can amend it, which is pretty neat. I like that a lot.