Monday, July 14, 2008

Bedside solution

Brian noticed these lamps a couple of weekends ago at Target, and I actually really like them. It's pretty cool that you can place a book or two on each shelf. The lamp takes a 150 watt bulb, so there should be plenty of light for reading. I'm looking forward to actually going back and getting them, I think that they will make our room look much more unified, and clean. later on, if we go with a different look (we don't have a bedroom set or anything, just some random furniture), we can put the lamps in say, the living room, or a guest bedroom, and they'll still look cool.

They also come in brown wood, which is what I would choose, black is too "single guy" for my taste.
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Square Floor Lamp with Shelves - Black/ Beige
Square Floor Lamp with Shelves - Black/ Beige

• Lamp features black shelves with a light at the
• Functional shelves are convenient for storage
• Light has a beige silk shade
• Frame and shelves made of wood
• 63Hx10.25Wx10.25D"

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mary said...

I was just at Target last week and my friend Kate had her eye on these. I think the brown would be great, too.

Megan said...

thanks for the extra vote of confidence, I appreciate hearing other peoples opinions!