Friday, July 11, 2008

Cover Up! Crazy Edition

I don't think Miss Patsy needs much of an introduction. She was clearly heaven sent.
Willie Nelson wrote this song for her, and no one else can sing it like she did.

Patsy Cline

BUT, these three? Don't mind hearing them doing their version at all! Diana Krall is amazing, and I have always loved Willie Nelson. I first fell in love with him as a little girl, Stardust was a favorite album at our house. (I have mentioned it before, and I'll say it again. Willie Nelson kissed me. Kissed me! Just stopped signing autographs, turned his back on about 150 clamoring fans, and turned around when I asked him to sign a hat and kissed my face!) Sorry, back to business. Elvis Costello sounds like he was always meant to sing this song. Diana looks at him when he's doing his solo, and right then you can tell how head over heels she is. Those two are madly in love, and it is written all over their faces, isn't it?

Diana Krall, Elvis Costello and Willie Nelson


mary said...

LOVE Diana Krall!!

Megan said...

I know,I was so thrilled to find this!