Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm in love with Adele Adkins, and last night she played at Bimbo's 365 Club, which is my very favorite venue, ever. It opened in 1931 at 365 Market Street . In 1951 the club moved to Columbus Street, where it remains today. It's an intimate venue, with cool topless mermaid artwork and touches like old school bathrooms complete with an attendant on the weekend. She'll have anything you could possibly need for a touch-up, nail polish, deodorant, hair products, lotion, sewing stuff. Gauche girls go in and don't even leave a tip, even after the attendant graciously hands them towels to dry their ingrate hands after they wash. They're usually the loudest, the drunk ones who want to crowd into a stall together.

This is Dolfina, who is somewhat the Bimbo's mascot, she's on all of the cocktail napkins, cool right? I love how retro they are, except I believe the same napkins have been in use for years and years, so I don't know if that really qualifies as "retro".

So, on Monday I found out Adele was playing at Bimbo's on Thursday (yesterday) and I immediately called my friend Hollis, who is a freak for her too, knowing that he would be down for going to the show, but of course it was sold out. I was pretty sad, because she is just ridiculously amazing live, and the fact that she is so popular and talented means she will never again play a venue as small and intimate as Bimbo's. My only consolation is that next week I'm going to see the amazing Jamie Lidell there, and I am so going to put on my groove shoes for that!

"Melt My Heart To Stone - Live in NYC- Joe's Pub"

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karey m. said...

love her! we were staying in a hotel a few weekends ago, so i was able to get some mtv...she. was. perfection. i miss mtv telling me who's lovely.

but the attendant in the bathroom? god, i miss those even more!