Monday, May 19, 2008


You'd never know it, since I've got a completely Irish name and countenance, but I actually have a Latina background, coming from my maternal grandmothers side. The rest of my lineage is Irish and a smidgen of Dutch, so there is no visual proof of my Mexican heritage. When a former boyfriend, who had just been introduced to my grandparents earlier that day , was asked by a doubtful friend if my grandma Alice really was Mexican, he said "Yeah, she was even eating a burrito."

Consequently I avoid the sun, I was pretty tan as a kid, but I tend to get migraines in the heat, so I am a lovely shade of ivory year round.I went to Hawaii for 2 weeks on my honeymoon in Dec/Jan and I left pale and returned the exact same shade, mission accomplished! Sometimes I really would love to have a gorgeous tan, but it's not worth it. I just tell myself that in twenty years, I'm going to look a lot younger than I really am. I hope so, with any luck I'll follow my mom's suit, she doesn't look anything like her age, and that woman spent plenty of time baking herself to a crisp in the Southern California sun.

Love this classic tune by the Stranglers, I'm including the ode to heroin in my post, but we'll just pretend it's about getting tan.

BTW: The secret to my success? The very best sunblock EVER, Kinesys, it never fails, smells fantastic (or not at all) and it's sweatproof, cruelty-free and uses 100% recyclable packaging. Oil, alcohol, PABA free, broad spectrum sunscreen. I use the ingenious spray on, no rub version, but they also make a cream. Comes in a smellerific mango scent, and they have a new Girl version, vanilla scent that I can't wait to try, it apparently dries to a powder finish, nice.

"Golden Brown"


karey m. said...

i know a woman who never ever EVAH has had an ounce of color on her skin.

at 42, she is like a baby.

good on you! {i, however, am like a leather bag by the end of the summer...the sun seems hotter over here!}

megan said...

Your excused, I'm sure I'd have a hard time keeping in the pale in Jordan too!