Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tendencies, I've got some...

I was so completely distracted during the final moments of Grey's Anatomy by this song, that I seriously couldn't focus on the continuing idiocy of Whats-her-face and Whats-his-bucket, Meredith and Derek. This song is so good, and the singer, Bryn Christopher has such a smoky, gravelly soulful voice, that I was scrambling to find a pen, and write the chorus so that I could Google it and deliver the goods to you, and me, later. I didn't even care that dumb ass Meredith decided that she wanted to get back with Derek. I can't trust that ninny of a woman.

Guess what happened? When I entered "what I'm gonna live for, what I'm gonna die for, Who ya gonna fight for, I can't answer that" into the search engine my query came up with the Suicidal Tendencies! I had to do a little more research, but I came up with the info. Anyhoo, I do think that this guy is going to be huge, especially in Britain, over here he might be more of an acquired taste.

6/1/08 UPDATE:  Suckily, embedding has been disabled for this video, so in order to watch it you'll have to go to YouTube.  Bryn Christopher's album will be released next Tuesday, June 9th, on Polydor.

"The Quest"

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