Friday, April 4, 2008


The Candomble religion practiced in Brazil is based in African traditions with elements derived from Christianity. Practitioners worship a number of gods or spirits known as Orixas derived from African deities.

Meet Josevaldo Jr., known as Jr., and watch as he explains the aspects of his fascinating religion.

"Candomble in Brazil"


byron_r_nas said...

Truly imformative, I did find it easy to draw parallels with Xtianity, Santeria and possibly voodoo. A great place to visit, Brazil has a great deal of history. Thanks for bringing this fascinating piece.

megan said...

You're welcome! I thought that it was really interesting as well. I'm really hoping to visit Brazil sometime soon,as I too am fascinated by the rich cultural history that is there. Indian, European, Japanese, etc. What a fascinating place, and beautiful too!