Thursday, April 3, 2008

Body Rock

So, this is pretty rad. (I've never stopped saying that, by the way) It's some footage from a show, Graffiti Rock, that was supposed to be like a B-Boy version of Soul Train. It was produced by Micheal Holman and featured the NYC Breakers. There is a recent focus on it because of a new film coming out called Planet B-boy. Current Planet B-Boy schedule:
NOW - New York, NY. Landmark Sunshine
NOW - Los Angeles, CA. Imaginasian
NOW - Pasadena, CA. Laemmle
NOW - Irvine, CA. Edwards Cinema
NOW - San Francisco, CA. Lumiere
NOW - Berkeley, CA. Shattuck Cinema
NOW - San Diego, CA. Landmark Ken Cinema
NOW - Washington, DC. Landmark E Street
4/04 - Austin, TX. Landmark Dobie
4/04 - Boston, MA. Kendall Square
4/04 - Chicago, IL. Century Center Cinema
4/04 - Phoenix, AZ. Harkins Valley theater
4/11 - Denver, CO. Mayan Theater
4/11 - Minneapolis, MN. Lagoon
4/11 - Miami, FL. South Beach 18
4/11 - Brooklyn, NY. BAM
4/11 - Fairfax, VA. Regal
4/18 - Philadelphia, PA. Landmark Ritz
4/18 - Portland, OR. Regal Fox Tower
4/25 - Atlanta, GA. Midtown Art
4/25 - Seattle, WA. Varsity Theatre
4/25 - Baltimore, MD. The Charles Theatre
4/25 - Detroit, MI. Main Art
5/02 - St. Louis, MO. Landmark Tivoli
5/09 - Madison, WI. Sundance Kabuki
5/16 - Houston, TX. Angelika

"Graffiti Rock"

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