Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bunker down.

My parents were nearly technological Luddites during the 80's, one phone, no touch tone, no answering machine, no cable television, etc. My siblings and I missed out on a lot of important cultural reference points because of the lack of cable, and it certainly left me feeling like I was on shaky ground during recess conversations. I never knew what was happening on TV shows anyhow, since it seemed we pretty much just watched public television shows. I had no clue what had occurred most recently on Alf, or Silver Spoons, and I just acted like I thought that Ricky Schroeder was just the biggest dreamboat ever.

But, when MTV hit the air, I knew I had problems, because it was something that I knew I had to see. It was all over the news, it was revolutionary! I really liked music! Luckily one of my brother's friends, a certain lovely lady named Staysea, recorded several hours of MTV for him on VHS. We watched that tape over and over. It was actually a great tape, because it was when they played a really eclectic mix of music. These videos were on it:

"My Girl Lollipop"

"New Frontier"

"Rock This Town"

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