Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chirp Chirp Cheerful

Aren't these notebooks super? I saw them at one of my favorite stores, Fig Garden, in San Anselmo, and knew I had to get them. Luckily I didn't have to make a choice between the two of them because who can decide between a proud peacock and a cute bird perched over delectable cherries? Not I. The decision making is already taken care of for you, they come in an alluring $5 two-pack. They are made by the French Paper Company. All of the paper is manufactured with 100% green hydropower and no petroleum products. I can get behind that! They offer many other paper and gift products. I have only begun to scratch the surface of their website, and have added it to my blogroll because it is so chock full of wonders.

Did anyone let you in on my notebook addiction? I love well designed notebooks. The secret pocket and last tear out pages in Moleskines, genius. Campus Wide notebooks, with "the best ruled foolscap suitable for writing." I have to agree there. It's the smoothest paper ever, a veritable delight to write upon, especially with a Uniball Jetstream pen, a match made in heaven for Campus Wide paper. Jetstream pens are like a miracle, people think I'm talking a lot of hot air until they use my pen, and then they are complete converts. Go and try one yourself. Don't try to take mine, I'm watching you. And I keep notes.

Notebooks designed by Charles S. Anderson Design


mary said...

I am insane pen addict. And I'm making a point of buying these pens!

Claire, said...

Again these are awesome, I adore the red one. Looks like it's only a two color print with colored background. Cool. You rule. I'm totally inspired.

Megan said...

Claire, you are correct, silver and black on red.