Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pay It Forward Exchange for 3 Lucky Ducks!

Pay it Forward Exchange:
I am paying forward from the lovely Claire who writes the equally delightful blog Naked Lady. It's a wonderful place to visit, she always has something insightful to say, a delicious recipe or two and stunning art. I discovered her when she began to drop in and leave me lovely comments. I think she is someone that I would like to know in real life.

Here are the rules: I agree to send something fun, cute, and nice to the first 3 blog owners who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this information and pick 3 people they want to send something to and so on. Unfortunately, due to postage costs, I can only pay it forward within the United States. If you are interested in participating, be one of the first 3 blog owners to leave a comment!

You have to promise that you will then post about this on your blog, link to me, and then send something to the first three people who comment on your blog so that this continues. When I have the first three to comment I will email you a request for your shipping address and then I'll send you a nice little surprise. I'm already planning, and getting excited! Tomorrow I am going to go shopping for certain supplies, I am so full of ideas!


Claire, said...

YAY! I would be honored to meet you, we're almost neighbors!

karey m. said...

i certainly qualify for out of the states!

but i think this is a lovely're such a good girl, megan! {i almost wrote egg. i despise that phrase, though. always think of humpty dumpty. am i rambling? sorry. just haven't been here in a while. xoxo.}

Megan said...

We'll have to arrange it one day, it would be really fun! Maybe there are some other local bloggers who would like to get in on the action too.

But people, I need three signees to get some awesome treats, step right up, don't be shy!

Megan said...

Karey, I could make you something, and I would be happy to send it to you! Send me your info, pretty please? You know you're one of my favorite bloggers, yes? I have such a good idea for you specifically, and I want to send it to you! If you can't do the PIF part because of shipping restraints, we'll just consider it a birthday present.

Claire, said...

I see this is what happen when I posted pif. And some said,"I would but too busy with work etc..."
No worries. I just got back to regular posting and then you came and then Melissa and then even Amy wanted in so now I'm sending 4!
You are such a dear.
I've got my packages all together hoping to get them to the post before 3:30!

Meg said...

I saw this awhile ago, but only now do I have a deep desire to send you a complimentary wildlife reference card!! Email me your address ( and I'll send you one!