Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Times

This reminds me of 5th grade. I was a Micheal Jackson freak. This album still sounds sweet. Good times. I'm going to listen to PYT.


karey m. said...

i used to wish he'd adopt me. but only on days when i wasn't wishing that starsky and hutch would adopt me.


Megan said...

karey, you crack me up, big time. I loved his yellow sweater vest, remember it? My friend Sara had one just like it, and I had envy. MJ's music has provided me with so many good times, too bad he just got spookier and spookier after this album.

Richie Designs said...

I loved this album.

I played it every day after school. I made up dances and wanted to go on Dance Fever with Danny Terieo

I was convinced I would be a professional disco dancer!!

did you buy Justin Timberlakes first solo CD. I had to buy it from the web I was so embarrassed for myself. But it's good...really good...It totally reminds me of old MJ!!

Heather said...

LOVE this album! one of my favorites :)

the spool artist said...

i wonder when he will ever make music again... i want the old MJ back!