Friday, March 14, 2008

La Paloma

This song gets me every time. Cucurrucucu Paloma is a classic Mexican huapango, written by Tomas Mendez in 1954. It first appeared in on film in The Last Sunset, a 1961 Western starring Rock Hudson.More recently, it has been made an international favorite by Brazilian Caetano Veloso. It is prominently featured in Talk To Her, a Pedro Almodovar film. Almodovar , who is always deft with emotions, uses Veloso's haunting vocals to great effect in the film, helping to set the tone for what is to come later in the movie.
Caetano Veloso was a pioneer of the important Tropicalia movement in the late 1960's, which encompassed not only music, but writing, and other visual art forms as well. He was politically active during Brazil's military dictatorship, and was censored, had music banned. He was imprisoned by the Brazilian government at times, and eventually was exiled to London for many years.

"Cucurrucucu Paloma"

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